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February 29, 2024

What is Mbps and How Much Mbps Do You Need?

Nowadays, everyone around us is connected to each other. This is possible because of the internet. The Internet has brought a revolutionary change to all of our lives. As grateful as we are for the internet, how much do we actually know about it?

Do we know how the internet speed system works? We often hear the word “Mbps” being thrown around whenever the topic of the internet comes up. However, most of us don't exactly know what it means. Most of the time we are not even aware of what can be considered as high speed internet or how many Mbps we actually need.

Luckily for you, this blog is going to talk all about it and give you all the information you require regarding Mbps. So, keep reading!

What is Mbps?

Whenever we look at advertisements for internet packages, a common thing is the word Mbps. The word Mbps is actually used to measure internet packages. Still feel confused? Well, Mbps actually stands for megabytes per second.  It is actually a unit of measurement used to describe the rate at which data is carried over a network.

In easy terms, Mbps is the amount of data that can be received or sent within a second. When you have high Mbps, your internet speed will be faster. For example: if your internet can download 20 megabytes of data every second then your internet speed is 20 Mbps. So, if you want your download speed to be fast then you need to get an internet connection with higher Mbps. 

How Much Mbps Do I Need?

Now that you know what Mbps is, you might be wondering how many Mbps do I need?. Well to find out the answer to this question you will need to figure out what is a good speed for internet for you and do you really require high speed internet.

If you are someone who downloads a lot of things, and you work remotely or have online classes or even if you are someone who just hates it when your internet is lagging, then you will need a good internet connection. If you are trying to determine how many Mbps you need then just keep the things mentioned below in your mind while getting the internet connected, and you will be set!


A lot of the time when we are thinking about getting an internet connection we don't have a big budget at hand which is fine because a big budget isn't a must when you want a good internet connection. However, it is something you have to keep in mind.  

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Number of Users

The number of users using the internet has a huge impact on the speed. If there are a lot of people using the internet at once then your connection will be incredibly slow. If you have a Wi-Fi connection or even a broadband connection, the speed might vary a lot because of the activities the other users are doing or because of the multiple devices being connected. 

So, before you think about getting a new internet connection and are confused about the amount of Mbps you need, be sure to consider the number of users that will use the connection. If the number of users is high then you will need more Mbps or else the internet speed will be horrible. However, if it is just one or two people using the internet, then you can get a connection with lower Mbps.

Habit of using

As weird as this sounds, an internet user's habit regarding using the internet plays a huge role on how many Mbps they require. If a person uses their internet connection to download movies or large games or even play competitive games online then they will require more Mbps. 

However, if some only uses the internet to use social media or to just check their emails then they won't require much Mbps so they can just use an internet package with lower Mbps. 

Connect type

It is absolutely essential to figure out the kind of internet connection you are getting, as it has a huge impact on the speed and the Mbps. If you are opting for a Wi-Fi connection then be sure to get a package with high Mbps. Otherwise, the connection loss will be an issue. You can always do a Wi-Fi speed test if you are facing connection problems. 

However, if you are opting for a broadband connection then you can choose a lower Mbps package as it won't cause too much of an issue, and you will be able to get your work done. And if your broadband connection seems slow then do a broadband speed test to see if you are getting your money’s worth of internet. 

Size of the house/ Office

While getting a wireless internet connection, a lot of people seem to forget that the size of the house and office plays a huge role. If the house or office is too large then chances are not all rooms will get the same kind of internet service which can be a hassle. So, thinking about the house size / office size is absolutely crucial. 

If the house/ office is big, then you should definitely opt for a connection with more Mbps. However, if your house or office is on the smaller side, then a connection with less Mbps is perfect. 

When purchasing a new internet connection or upgrading an existing one, the majority of people simply opt for the high-speed internet plan suggested by their internet service provider (ISP). Even though there is nothing wrong with just trusting your ISP, people should still check if they are getting their money’s worth of internet along with that they should also think if they actually do require the high speed internet that they are paying for.

To understand all of these things it is crucial to understand the basics of internet and internet connections and luckily for you, this blog has answered them so now you won't have to pay more for an internet connection speed that you don't need.