Dedicated internet vs shared internet connection
March 31, 2024

What is the Difference Between Dedicated Internet vs Shared Internet Connection?

Are you confused about the differences between dedicated internet vs shared internet connection? Well, one of the most common questions asked by internet users or those considering getting a new internet connection is regarding the difference between a dedicated internet line and a shared internet line. 

Shared internet lines and dedicated internet lines offer completely different user experiences, especially if you are running a business or if you are into competitive gaming. This is why it is crucial to know about the differences before purchasing a new internet connection. 

To identify the key differences between a dedicated internet connection and a shared internet connection keep on reading this blog.

What Is a Dedicated Internet Connection?

If you are wondering about shared internet vs dedicated internet, then you have to know what they actually are.

A dedicated internet connection basically refers to the fact that this connection is not shared with anybody else and is connected with the help of an ethernet cable or private line circuits. Those who require a stable internet service, proper speed along with consistent connection, which is crucial for businesses that handle several simultaneous meetings at once require a dedicated internet connection. 

Because of service level agreements, dedicated internet access ensures that users have the finest internet experience possible. This gives business owners peace of mind. especially if the majority of their essential operations depend on maintaining a connection to the Internet, which guarantees their operations will continue no matter what happens. If your company is heavily reliant on the internet then you should definitely opt for dedicated internet.

If you are currently looking for a dedicated internet connection that will ensure the best internet service then make sure to check out Carnival Internet. Carnival Internet’s lines are shared internet connections however, if you need a dedicated internet connection then Carnival Internet can provide you with just that. 

In order to get a dedicated internet connection line from Carnival Internet all you will need to have an existing connection from Carnival Internet then along with that just pay an extra 299 taka and Carnival Internet will ensure that you get a dedicated line. You can turn any shared internet line into a dedicated line just by adding this amount.

What Is a Shared Internet Connection?

A shared internet connection is actually very similar to a broadband internet connection you use at your house. In connections like these all customers share bandwidth. Shared internet is basically when your connection is routed through a router or splitter and distributed among surrounding customers. 

For example: If your company pays for a 100 Mbps shared connection then it is most likely to receive a lot less bandwidth during the hours of high business traffic. Now think about all the times you were facing severe internet issues, your video calls were lagging and the downloads were taking ages. It is most likely that during those times you were using a shared internet connection.

How Do Dedicated Internet and Shared Internet Differ When It Comes to Usage?

When it comes to usage, dedicated internet and shared internet differ drastically. Once you have used a dedicated internet connection, a shared internet connection will simply seem like a nightmare to you.

Shared internet vs dedicated internet is a popular debate amongst internet users. So, if you are wondering how Dedicated internet and shared internet differ when it comes to usage then keep on reading!

1. Price

While purchasing an internet connection it is absolutely essential to keep the price point in mind. The price of a shared internet connection and the price of a dedicated internet connection vary tremendously.

A shared internet connection is actually quite budget-friendly and anyone with even the smallest budget can purchase it. So, if you are on a budget then a shared internet connection is the best option for you. Most home users actually do end up using shared internet connections and they don't exactly need an extremely fast, high-end internet connection so they usually opt for the shared connection.

However, if you are someone for whom the concerns of a budget are not applicable then you can definitely think about getting a dedicated internet connection. Even though the dedicated internet connection costs more, the service is impeccable. So, if you get a dedicated internet connection you will be satisfied with the service.

2. Type of User

When it comes to what type of internet connection you are thinking about getting, the most crucial factor is actually the type of user. As bizarre as it might sound, the type of user actually has a huge impact on the type of connection you should get.

dedicated internet vs shared internet - Carnival Internet

If you are someone who doesn't use the internet much or if you just use it while surfing social media or watching YouTube videos then there really is no point in purchasing a high-end connection like a dedicated internet connection. A dedicated internet connection won't really do much for you as you don't use the internet for any kind of extensive work. So, if you are someone who uses the internet for simple things then opting for a shared connection is the wise decision. 

However, if you are someone who plays in online competitive games or does live streams then a shared internet connection will become your worst nightmare. So, if you want to play competitive online games, do live streams or things like that then you need a dedicated internet connection as it is a lot faster which means you won't have to face any lagging or other issues.

3. For Business or For Home?

Another thing you have to take into consideration is if you are getting the connection for your home or for your business. If you are getting the connection for your home then you won't exactly require the fastest or the best kind of internet connection. 

If you are going to be using the internet connection for home then you will probably be using the connection for simple things like downloading movies, attending online classes or surfing the internet. In any of those cases, you won't require a dedicated internet connection.

However, if you are someone who is getting an internet connection for a business or for business purposes then it is best if you get a dedicated internet connection as it provides a more reliable service and it will ensure that you are not facing any lagging internet during important business meetings.

Most offices require a dedicated internet line as it ensures better internet performance. If you want to try out a dedicated Internet connection for your business then you can definitely check out Carnival Internet as you can even customize your internet package according to your needs even if you are using dedicated internet.

Shared Internet vs Dedicated Internet

Both shared internet and dedicated internet connection have a ton of pros and cons. These pros and cons can often help us decide which connection we want to opt for. Here's a list of pros and cons of shared internet connection and dedicated internet connection:

Shared Internet Connection Pros:

- A lot less expensive
- Can provide proper cyber security if handled properly
- Perfect for homes

Shared Internet Connection Cons:

- Lags a lot

Dedicated Internet Connection Pros:

- Perfect for gamers, businesses, streamers
- Provides a ton of cybersecurity
- Super fast
- Can be customized

Dedicated Internet Connection Cons:

- Incredibly expensive


Shared internet vs dedicated internet is something people often wonder about. A lot of the time people are confused about what type of internet connection is best suited for them.

At times such as those, having a proper idea regarding the connections makes it a lot easier. Because if you are well aware of the pros and cons and also what shared internet and what dedicated internet is then it will be easier for you to decide. This blog gives you an overall idea regarding shared internet and dedicated internet.