Terms of Use

Carnival Insurance: Terms of Use

  1. Carnival Insurance is powered by Pragati Life Insurance Limited.
  2. Pragati Life Insurance Limited is solely responsible for providing all insurance coverage (including assessment, settlement and cancellation of claims) to Carnival customers.
  3. Carnival Insurance is only a facilitator between its customers and Pragati Life Insurance Limited.
  4. Carnival Insurance accepts customer claim submissions only from BDMC-registered hospitals and doctors.
  5. Service Initiation: Once payment is made for enrolment, the Carnival Insurance customer will be registered for the service within a maximum of 3 (three) working days. All terms of usage will be applicable for the customer, once the service initiation is completed.
  6. Grace Period: There will be a grace period of 30 days. For example, if a Carnival customer enrolls for the service on 6th day of Month 1, he/she must pay the premium within 30th/31st day of month 2.
    Renewal: If any Carnival customer fails to pay monthly premium payment for a month, he/she will have to clear out all previous dues and re-register for the service after waiting 15 (fifteen) days for claim eligibility.
  7. Tax Benefits: Carnival Insurance falls under term policy and not investment policy. Therefore, there are no tax benefits associated with Carnival Insurance.
    Force Majeure: Pragati Life Insurance Limited shall not be liable for any failure of or delay in the performance of the Service for the period that such failure or delay is due to causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to power supply, failures of electronic communications, acts of God, war, flood, political unrest, riots, strikes or labor disputes, embargoes, government orders or any other event which is beyond the reasonable control of Pragati Life Insurance Limited.


Carnival Insurance: Exclusions

  1. Waiting Period for Claim Submission
    1. The Carnival Insurance customer must wait at least 15 days from the date of enrolment to submit any claims for settlement
    2. In case of hospitalization, the Carnival Insurance customer must wait for at least 24 hours during each stay at the hospital, before claim submission is applicable. For example, he/she would need to stay two nights for one night’s claim eligibility.
    3. For maternity coverage, the waiting period would be 180 days from the date of enrolment.
    4. For migration to a different package, the waiting period would be 180 days.
  2. Exclusions for ‘Hospicash’ (Hospitalization & out-patient treatment) – This service does not cover:
    1. Any congenital infirmity;
    2. Any minor surgery, daycare treatment
    3. Any emergency costs such as ambulances, pre-hospitalization transport, etc.
    4. Circumcision, prophylactic and immunization procedures;
    5. Treatment of family planning purposes including termination of pregnancy, sterility or treatment related to assisted reproduction, infertility and subfertility, cost of contraception, cost of female hygiene products like sanitary pads, etc.;
    6. Mental, emotional or psychiatric disorders, alcoholism or any other narcotic addiction;
      Obesity i.e., treatment for, or required as a result of obesity, any cosmetic or plastic treatment/surgery, unless required as reconstructive surgery as a consequence of an injury due to accidents, burns;
    7. Any procedures which is experimental or not generally accepted by the medical profession viz acupuncture, SAAOL, CERAGEM, herbal/ayurvedic/unani/natural/homeopathy treatment and any Alternative Medical Care (AMC) etc.;
    8. Treatment or advice by a person or professional not registered under BMDC (Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council)
    9. Rest, convalescence or rejuvenation cures, thermal baths, physiotherapy or confinement for the purposes of slimming or beautification;
    10. Fracture and trauma due to physical assault, injury arising due to accident while participating in any unlawful activities (e.g., driving a car without a license), attempted suicide, violation or attempted violation of the law, injuries willfully or intentionally self-inflicted or due to insanity or under the influence of a drug;
    11. Assembly of artificial limbs & necessary treatment of the said artificial limbs (unless required due to accident)
    12. Routine examination of eye and ear, fitting or replacement of eyeglasses (including Intra-ocular lens or contact lenses) or hearing aids, health screening including routine physical examinations (health check-ups), malignant! cancer, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, and any dental treatment unless require hospitalization for re-constructive surgery as a consequence of an accident;
    13. Non-surgical care for tuberculosis, hepatitis B & C and any other vaccinations, all expenses incurred in connection with the donor for any treatment, AIDS and HIV diseases, lupus and other connective tissue and autoimmune disorders and costs of prostheses, corrective devices;
    14. Sleep disorders i.e., treatment for insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, or any other sleep related breathing problem;
    15. IgE Test, vitamin test
    16. Hospice and end of life care
    17. Any injuries sustained from hazardous activities such as speed contest or racing of any kind (other than on foot), professional or competitive sport, bungee jumping, parasailing, ballooning, parachuting, base jumping, skydiving, paragliding, deep sea diving, etc.



For plan-related queries, please contact Carnival Care Center (09612363693) to get in touch with one of our agents.
For claim-related issues, please get in touch with below individual:

  • Name: Nazmus Sakib
  • Phone: +8801917700805
  • Email: nazmus@pragatilife.com
  • Letter: Pragati Insurance Bhaban (6th Floor), 20 – 21 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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