The internet and TV usage in Bangladesh is booming on last few years. You might be wondering how to reduce the cost of tv and internet. But if you adapt few steps you can easily cut your broadband internet price in Dhaka and all other divisions as well.

‘Cutting the cords’ trend has been popular now among the consumers. Rather than watching a program on Tv cable, people prefer to stream it online. But that does not mean that ‘Cutting the cords’ from cable TV will reduce your cost. But there are lots of broadband internet service provider in Bangladesh which are providing cutting edge internet service to their clients. The profusion of internet options in the market has driven broadband Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh to offer competitive bundling options. With a little bit of research work, you can find out best ISP in Bangladesh and save as much as half on your monthly Internet bill.


To fix the internet plan, you need to access few important information.

Know your necessary Bandwidth Do you need BD broadband internet for your organization? Or do you want broadband at home? For your organization, you need high-speed internet with constant support. While for your home you don’t need too much bandwidth of internet. So cut your cloth according to your need.

Around 20 million internet user in Bangladesh are using internet regularly which is 14% of the total population. But not the purpose of the usage of internet is similar to different users. While some of us only consume a few MB per month checking email, Facebook browsing and reading the news, others require hundreds of GB internet for streaming, downloading, video communication, and gaming. Unfortunately, most of the internet users use the “Goldilocks” method which is picking an Internet pl an by grabbing the medium-sized internet package that seems like “enough.”

But the better way is: Monitor your Internet usage. Figure out how much internet you consume and select your plan size accordingly. This will help you to deduct extra unused costs from your bills and select the best internet package from broadband server bd.

Know your data cap Data caps is the ceiling of the ISP’s. Its based on how many GB of broadband internet data you can consume in a month are quickly becoming the industry standard.

Check where your plan places on our data cap rundown and double-check with your provider before you sign up for the service. Most broadband internet service provider in Bangladesh will charge extra fees if you break the limit, so keeping a check on your bandwidth use is very essential — especially for cable-cutters.

Cut the cord the “cable cutting” trend and increased bandwidth needs of the average consumer have left provider companies scrambling to rearrange maximizing revenues by keeping customers. When you can see your favorite TV shows on Youtube, Popcorn times at a cheaper rate, why would you pay for the TV cable? It has been a popular trend nowadays. With it, not only you can cut the price, also you can watch the shows anytime anywhere. OTT services stream the content or videos through your broadband Internet connection easily. Mixed with a sit-on-top streaming device like the Roku or Apple TV, streaming TV setups have been a major trend the last few years.

Assuming the shows, you enjoy are available from “over-the-top” companies like Netflix or Hulu, cutting the cord and streaming 100% of your entertainment content over the Internet is a no-brainer. Sports can be streamed from Sling TV. Local channels are usually free once you install the dish.

‘Cutting the cord’ doesn’t refer to watching TV on your laptop screen. Streaming devices like the Roku plug right into the HDMI port on your television. Monthly subscriptions are often designed for family use, making them even cheaper. By this way, you can save around 10000 BDT- 35000 BDT per year.

Evaluate the prices After analyzing your bandwidth needs, see which companies provide you the best internet packages within your price range. Compare the price range, analyze the isp in Bangladesh and evaluate the internet speed. With the combination of all these, you can easily choose the best broadband internet service provider in Bangladesh. Here is a selected package list of carnival internet bd the best broadband internet service provider in Bangladesh.

Unlimited Packages

PRONTO 30 MBps 1,599 Tk/mo
PRESTO 40 MBps 1,999 Tk/mo
PRIMO 50 MBps 2,499 Tk/mo
PREZZO 100 MBps 4,599 Tk/mo

Look for good offers from a reliable broadband internet service provider

Offers can provide you better quality internet with higher speed at a cheaper cost. Offers usually come in different packages. So, while setting and finalizing an offer, make sure if the features are suitable and sustainable for you. Carnival Internet bd is such a broadband internet service provider in Bangladesh where you can get the best internet packages in Bangladesh. We often offer different occasional packages for our respected customers. Check out the website of Carnival Internet to get the best internet packages and offers in Bangladesh internet.

It’s baffling and frustrating when you do a speed test and find out you get half the speed advertised for your broadband plans.
Probably you will be vexed at your broadband internet service provider. But its not always the fault of your broadband internet service provider. Often, a few small moves can help you optimize your home network for faster speeds. If the problem stays same after these, then you can call your broadband internet service provider and explain your problems to them.
Wi-Fi is one of the essential evolution of the internet—no one wants to be chained in a desktop, rather move around carrying the internet. But it also has some frustrating options which might render you problems. Here you can find out few of those small solutions which will solve your problems even without the help of your broadband internet service provider.

Reboot your router

Sometimes due to excess usage of internet or heat or downloading, the internet speed drops out. There is a simple solution in this case. Just turn off your router for few minutes and reboot the router. It will certainly help in optimizing your home network. If you are new to using the router then you can ask your broadband internet service provider to show you the process of rebooting the router.

Try to avoid physical barriers

Physical barriers like walls or appliances do have an effect on your internet speed. It blockades the signal waves and slows down the internet speed. So, you can place the router somewhere in common place where every device does get the same distance and make sure it reduces the blockade of appliances. Here is a list of blockade materials that have an effect on the wi-fi signal according to the order.
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Come closer to your router

The placement of router is very important. Someone put it in an upstairs house or in the basement or attic from where the wi-fi signals can hardly try to reach the device which slows down the internet. Try to set the router in the middle of your house or in such a place in a room from where the Internet can be comfortably accessed.

Check each device

Devices split up the internet speed like a pie. The more device has the connection to your network, the more your bandwidth of internet is divided into.  So, if you aren’t getting your desired internet speed, look into your devices. If you have any unnecessary device tuned into wi-fi, turn it off. Now more pie would be spared to utilize it for your important task. You can also ask for suggestions from your broadband internet service provider to show you a roadmap on matching your devices bandwidth with your internet package.

Secure your wi-fi with a strong password and cloaking

Thwart the wi-fi thieves with better internet security system. There are several ways to make your wifi secured from the prying attackers. A nice combination of trickery and strong password protection will help you to protect your wi-fi from these wi-fi thieves.
One way can be cloaking your wi-fi. If your neighbors don’t find your wi-fi, they probably won’t get the chance to break in your wi-fi as well. You can keep away the prying eyes of your wi-fi thieves by hiding the SSID of your router. And a strong, long password will work as a strong shield in defending your internet security system.

Keep devices safe from virus, excess cookies

Regular virus scans to keep your devices clean can optimize your network. Turn off the browsers, clean the cookies, and shut down the devices while you’re not using. Clearing cookies is a quick and easy way to fasten the internet speed, but the steps can be different according to the browser. A quick search on the web can help you learn the process of clearing the cookies.

Manage Bandwidth-Hogging Operations

If someone in your house regularly uses the internet to do video calls, play online games or use services like Netflix, Amazon Prime which may cause hogging bandwidth and makes your net connection slower for everyone, then you can use an option called QoS or quality of services. With this option, you can prioritize certain applications ( video calls) over others( video games). By this way, you can enjoy incessant internet connection to do your most important tasks.
Carnival Internet is one of the best broadband internet service provider in Bangladesh that provides the best internet packages for its clients.

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