Specialize gaming series

The festivity & fiesta of the Carnival awaits you

you have the power to choose a package that exactly suits your Digital journey!

Pack 1


12Mbps Download
16Mbps Upload
Now 1,799 Tk/mo
1,799 BDT

Pack 2


16Mbps Download
16Mbps Upload
Now 1,999 Tk/mo
1,999 BDT

Pack 3


5Mbps Dedicated Download
10Mbps Dedicated Upload
Now 2,499Tk/mo
2,499 BDT

Pack 4


7Mbps Dedicated Download
15Mbps Dedicated Upload
Now 2,999 Tk/mo
2,999 BDT


  • Customized Routing BSCCL(SG) + Aamra/F@H.
  • Dedicated Discord Channel for Carnival Gaming series  (Network Operation Center Direct Support).
  • Akamai Cache 100Mbps for extra contents (PS4 etc).
  • Dedicated Local Cache system up to 100Mbps
    -Steam (Valve)
    -Origin (EA Games)
    -Riot Games (League of Legends)
    -Battle.net (Hearthstone, Starcraft 2, Overwatch)
    -Frontier Launchpad
    -Uplay (Ubisoft)
    -Windows Update
  • 100Mbps up/down BDIX & local share (intranet).
  • Facebook, Twitch and YouTube uploads are ensured with 1080p &  60fps live streaming + gaming at the same time.
  • For test connection try our gaming PC with remote access.
  • Free real IP with all packages.
  • Facebook & Google Global Cache available.
  • Constant monitoring all the gaming server to ensure best possible routing.

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