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Your works-from-home are important. A single moment of drop is a big frustration. Never allow anything get on the way of your daily success.
Online school and learning is so important. Consistent speed is key. Never allow anything come on the way of your children’s achievement.
Your parents want love and care. And they love to connect with others, seamlessly. Never bring a stop to their creating memories.
Things happen. Speed gets slow. Line gets cut. Hindrance comes. Never accept anything less, when it comes to recovery and back on track.
You have so much to take care of, so many things to manage. You love those smiles you bring for your family. Never miss out on these moments anymore.

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Why Choose Carnival?

110,000+ families trust Us! As a trusted internet service provider near you, we are obsessed to serve you the best.

Carnival delivers the best internet experience in the country. Our state of the art Cisco Hyperflex network delivers optimal performance and reliability.

Carnival maintains the largest CDN network in Bangladesh & is connected with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Akamai to ensure you the best possible user experience.

With 400+ expert engineers & 1,200+ technicians, Carnival has the largest ISP network operation throughout the country, ensuring quality connectivity and best value for your money.

For service and support, you can reach us 24/7 through Call, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Live Chat, Chat Bot & Visual IVR channels. Experience global standard after sales service and support from Carnival Internet.

Customer Testimonials

E-learning made easier with the never-before-seen internet package! Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Actor.

Quality meat, quality internet. The finest combo in town! Ghulam Sumdany Don, Corporate Trainer.

Crazy fast speed, always consistent. Worth it! Solaiman Shukhon, Social Media Personality.

The best health & life benefits with the best internet. Faruque Ahmed, Actor.


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