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How long would you require to setup your connection at my home/office?

Within our coverage areas, it takes us up to maximum 3 days for Dhaka and maximum 5 days for Chittagong to complete our entire setup and make the connection go live.

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What are the documents required to purchase internet package?

To connect you successfully, as per regulatory guidelines, we need your 2 copy PP photos, Photocopy of NID and Filled-up Subscriber Acquisition Form (SAF)

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If I want to change locations for an existing connection, do I need to pay extra charges?

If you want to change the location of your existing connection, then you just need to pay the installation fee which is 1,000 tk.

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Is the connection Shared / Dedicated?

Our connection will provide GUARANTEED SPEED with full duplex technology. Full duplex refers to the transmission of data in two directions simultaneously. For ‘DOZE’ 10 Mbps connections, a minimum of 10 Mbps will be ensured both in Upload and Download.

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Would we be able to download torrents and use P2P software?

Yes, you can download torrents and use P2P software as well.

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What happens when the monthly data volume runs out?

Once you finish using the data as per the package, you can purchase the following re-fill packs: Bundle Volume (GB) Price (BDT) 1 10 347 + 15% VAT = 399 Tk 2 20 695+ 15% VAT = 799 Tk

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